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Cordell: Protect innocent people from asset forfeiture loophole (SB 443)

June 03, 2016

By LaDoris Cordell, Special to The Mercury News

Posted:   06/02/2016 07:09:46 PM PDT | Updated:   about 19 hours ago

Police officers force their way into your home; they believe that you possess illegal drugs for sale. They arrest you, and they seize your computer, your cash , and your valuable coin collection. The charges against you are dropped; you are innocent.

When you request the return of your property, you learn that it has been permanently forfeited and dispersed via civil asset forfeiture.


Op-Ed Does the public have a right to know a cop's history? (SB 1286)

June 03, 2016

BY… Conor Friedersdorf

If a police officer pulls you over for a burned out taillight, he can quickly learn your name, home address, place of birth, sex and eye color; every minor traffic infraction on your record; your criminal history at the local, state and federal levels; whether you're on probation or parole; and whether there are any warrants out for your arrest.

Drug crime sentence reduction passes California Senate on second try (SB 966)

June 03, 2016

By Alexei Koseff -

After initially falling short in April, a bill to repeal sentencing enhancements for certain drug crimes passed the California Senate on Thursday.

State Senate seeks to bar criminal charges against minors for prostitution (SB 1322)

June 03, 2016

By Patrick McGreevy

State Senate seeks to bar criminal charges against minors for prostitution

The state Senate voted Thursday to approve a bill that would prohibit filing criminal charges against minors for prostitution after lawmakers argued the teenagers and children are the victims of others.

Proyecto de ley introducido por la Senadora Mitchell para proteger a las víctimas de trata de niños y niñas.

May 13, 2016

¿ A los 14 años “me violaron mujeres y hombres, hasta que me rescataron”

Bajo la ley actual, una víctima de prostitución puede ser detenida en una cárcel juvenil y procesada por prostitución pero esto espera ser cambiado por la senadora de Los Ángeles, Holly Mitchell

California: ¿Quién paga el precio de la injusticia?

May 10, 2016

California: ¿Quién paga el precio de la injusticia?

Los que están pagando hoy el precio de la confiscacion civil de la policía son los californianos inocentes

Family Grant Limit Drives up Child Poverty

May 02, 2016

Female lawmakers float package of bills seeking pay equity, child care funding

A package of proposals unveiled Thursday by female lawmakers would help women in California achieve equitable pay and expand family-leave job protections, as well as earmark more state funds for child care and for helping children on welfare.