March 17, 2017: KQED/NPR - How President Trump’s Budget Could Affect California

March 17, 2017

Episode airs March 17, 2017 at 9:00 AM

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The White House released a $1.1 trillion budget plan Thursday that proposes deep cuts in spending on environmental protection, social services and education,and calls for a $54 billion military spending increase. According to state officials, the proposal, which also calls for the elimination of the Corporation of Public Broadcasting, could have far reaching effects on California. Federal dollars constitute about a third of the state’s budget and a number of programs — particularly those that serve the poor — would need to be scaled down. We discuss what the President’s plan could mean for California.

Evan Halper, reporter, Los Angeles Times
H.D. Palmer, deputy director, external affairs, California Department of Finance
Matt Rodriquez, California Secretary for Environmental Protection
John Boland, president and CEO, KQED Public Media