2018 Legislation

SB 439 – Minimum Age Incarceration
Sets 12 as the minimum age for youth to be placed in the jurisdiction of delinquency juvenile court.


SB 951/SB 871 – Film Tax Credit
Reauthorizes the Film Tax Credit, ensuring thousands of behind the screen jobs stay in CA.  SB 871 is the budget bill that implemented the provisions of SB 951.


SB 1034 – Dense Breast Tissue
Holds the line on continuing earlier detection of breast cancer by eliminating the sunset on the current dense breast tissue notification, which is set to expire 1/2019.


SB 1050 – Services and Support for Exonerees
Provides services and support for exonerated people after prison, including healthcare, work training and updating exonerate records to reflect their wrongful convictions.


SB 1083 – Resource Family Approval
Addresses hurdles in the Resource Family Approval (RFA) process so that it is more supportive of caregivers and youth in foster care.


SB 1343 – Sexual Harassment Training
Expands the current sexual harassment training requirements to all employees, for employers with 5 or more employees.


SB 1391 – Juvenile Justice for Children Under 16
This would ensure that youth ages 14 and 15 who commit crimes get the services and help they need by prohibiting them from being tried as adults and keeping them in the juvenile justice system.


SB 1392 – RISE Act of 2018
Eliminates the 1-year sentence enhancement for felony convictions. Failed on the Senate floor.


SB 1393 – Five-Year Judicial Discretion
Continues fair and just sentencing reform by returning to prior statutory authority for judicial discretion on the mandatory 5-year enhancements for each serious felony conviction.


SR 78 – Rosa Parks’ 105th Birthday
This resolution honors the 105th birthday of Rosa Parks and urges all Californians to remember this great American woman.


SR 81 – Women and Girls in Science Day in California
This resolution declares February 11, 2018, as Women and Girls in Science Day in California.


SCR 155 – Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month
Recognizes the month of July 2018 as Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month in California