Decade of Accomplishments

Health, Human Services and Insurance

AB-667 (2011 CHP-294) Established “medical necessity” standards for the Medi-Cal subacute care program, which supports the appropriate and timely discharge of medically fragile children from the hospital setting to subacute care.


AB-989 (2011 CHP-640) Included foster youth when making decisions to fund transition-age youth services from Proposition 63 (Mental Health Services Act). 


AB-1640 (2012 CHP-778) Eliminated the requirement that pregnant mothers under the age of 18 be in their 3rd trimester before they are eligible for CalWORKs (California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids Act).


AB-1803 (2012 CHP-442) Established the “Reasonable Person Standard” in emergency room care for Medi-Cal recipients, ensuring equal access to emergency care for all patients.


AB-309 (2013 CHP-97) Ended the denial of CalFresh benefits to unaccompanied homeless minors.


AB-361 (2013 CHP-642) Established the California Health Home Program to address the needs of people who frequently use emergency departments for reasons that could have been avoided with earlier or primary care. The bill provides health home services to Medi-Cal beneficiaries and Section 1115 waiver demonstration populations with chronic conditions. 


AB-446 (2013 CHP-589) Implemented HIV testing reforms to eliminate unnecessary barriers to tests and to improve the administration of testing services.


AB-506 (2013 CHP-153) Ensured that California is in compliance with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines that all children under the age of one year who are placed into the foster care system to be tested for HIV.


AB-545 (2013 CHP-294) In an effort to prevent a child from being referred to the foster system unnecessarily, this bill updates the definition of “non-relative extended family member” (NREFM) to ensure that potential caregivers are not turned away.


AB-812 (2013 CHP-249) Clarified, streamlined, and strengthened the child care contracting process to better protect children and taxpayer funds from irresponsible and fraudulent child care contractors. 


AB-1133 (2013 CHP-490) Protected medically fragile foster children by prioritizing the consideration of a nurse-foster parent who is authorized to provide in-home medical services.


SB-1136 (2013 Huff/Mitchell CHP-222) Required the Department of Social Services to share criminal record exemptions related to a licensed foster home in order to ensure foster placements are appropriate.


SB-1053 (2014 CHP-576) Required most health care plans to cover a variety of contraceptive drugs, devices, and products for women, as well as related counseling and follow-up services and voluntary sterilization procedures.


SB-1089 (2014 CHP 836) A technical clean-up measure to AB 396 (Mitchell 2011) that clarifies that if counties choose to participate in the program established by AB 396, they will pay their pro rata share of the state’s administrative costs.    


SB-1341 (2014 CHP-846) Required the Statewide Automated Welfare System to be the system of record for Medi-Cal and to contain all Medi-Cal Eligibility, Enrollment, and Retention System.    


SB-1384 (2014 Mitchell CHP-847) Established an appeals process for Certified Nurse Assistants Licensing applications.


SB-238 (2015 Mitchell/Beall CHP-534) Required behavioral health training and psychotropic medication training programs for adults in various roles of children receiving welfare services.


SB-388 (2015 CHP-655) Required the translation of  the summary of benefits and coverage information under the Affordable Care Act, ensuring equal access to critical information about healthcare.           


SB 23 (2016) Repealed the maximum family grant (MFG) or “family cap” rule under the CalWORKS program. Enacted through the 2016 budget.  


SB-213 (2017 CHP-733) Streamlined the background check process for prospective foster and adoptive parents.


SB-323 (2017 CHP-540) Helped community clinics more easily provide substance use disorder treatment by allowing FQHCs and RHCs to elect reimbursement on an FFS basis instead of a PPS basis.


SB-612 (2017 CHP-731) Provided parental assistance for transitional foster youth.


SB 951 (2018) Implemented the Film Tax Credit 3.O, a tax credit program that incentives movie and TV productions to relocate to California. Enacted through the 2018 budget.


SB 982 (2018) Increased the amount of cash granted through the CalWORKs program to help raise low income families and children out of poverty. Enacted via a 3 year roll-out in the 2017 budget.  


SB-1034 (2018 CHP-332) Extended the sunset on dense breast mammogram reporting to January 1, 2025.


SB-1083 (2018 CHP-935) Streamlined the RFA process to mitigate hardships and reduce time for approval.


SB 321 (2019) Improved the existing CalWORKs Stage 1 Childcare in order to streamline and increase access to childcare for eligible families. Enacted through the 2019 budget.


SB-464 (2019 CHP-533) CA Dignity in Pregnancy and Childbirth Act addressed widespread health disparities for black pregnant women by requiring implicit bias training for all perinatal health care providers and data reporting requirements.


SB-740 (2019 CHP-286) Provides protections for consumers by requiring life insurance companies to routinely check the Death Master File for paying benefits to policy beneficiaries.


Justice Reform

SB-1001 (2016 CHP-782) Protects California’s immigrant workers by establishing parameters on immigration documentation verification to ensure a fair and equal workplace.


AB-396 (2011 CHP-394) Ensured that detained juveniles have adequate access to medical care by establishing Medi-Cal eligibility in specified circumstances.


AB-1432 (2012 CHP-805) Created a misdemeanor violation for any parent or guardian who fails to report the death or disappearance of a child aged 14 years or younger, to law enforcement authorities within 24 hours.


AB-1445 (2012 CHP-233) Seeks to improve recidivism by expanding re-entry services to inmates released from specified county jails.


AB-2015 (2012 CHP-816) Ensures that arrested parents are provided the opportunity to make telephone calls to arrange for care of their minor children.


AB-2530 (2012 Atkins/Mitchell/Skinner CHP-726) Protects detained mothers by limiting the shackling and restraint of pregnant inmates to specific standards.


AB-624 (2013 CHP-266) Authorized the sheriff to award inmate education credits to those convicted of a felony and sentenced to county jail.


SB-955 (2013 Mitchell CHP-712) Added human trafficking to the list of offenses for which a wiretap can be ordered.


SB-1010 (2014 CHP-749) The CA Fair Sentencing Act established equitable sentencing guidelines for convictions related to crack and cocaine.


SB-1388 (2014 Lieu/Hill/Mitchell CHP-714) Strengthened criminal penalties against a person who solicits a minor for an act of prostitution.


SB-11 (2015 Beall/Mitchell CHP-468) Required training Peace officers on handling persons with mental health issues. 


SB-176 (2015 Mitchell/Anderson CHP-155) Established parameters on cross examining children who are witnesses rather than just victims.


SB-227 (2015 CHP-175) SB 227 (2015) Ensured transparency in court proceedings by prohibiting the use of grand juries  in cases involving  peace officers’ use of force and/or shootings.


SB-629 (2015 CHP-47) Eliminated "lynching" from statute.


SB-443 (2016 CHP-831) Increased protections for CA property owners by requiring a conviction in criminal asset forfeiture cases before the property is taken permanently. 


SB-1322 (2016 CHP-654) Decriminalized minors caught up in prostitution.


SB-1433 (2016 CHP-311) Provided contraceptive counseling and services to menstruating prison inmates.


SB-180 (2017 Mitchell/Lara CHP-677) RISE Act eliminated the 3-year mandatory enhancement for non/non/non (violent, sexual, and serious) offenders.


SB-190 (2017 Mitchell/Lara CHP-678) Eliminated fees for juveniles in the justice system.


SB-355 (2017 Mitchell/Lara CHP-62) Required reimbursement for court-appointed counsel for not guilty outcomes.


SB-393 (2017 Lara/Mitchell CHP-680) Provided a clear legal pathway to sealing an arrest record if the arrest did not result in conviction.


SB-394 (2017 Lara/Mitchell CHP-684) Established a mandatory parole hearing after 25 years served for a person convicted of an offense before they were 18 and were sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.


SB-395 (2017 Lara/Mitchell CHP-681) Required youth age 15 years or younger consult with counsel prior to custodial interrogation before waiving their Miranda rights.


SB-10 (2018 Hertzberg/Mitchell CHP-244) Replaced the bail system with risk assessment to determine pretrial release or detention.


SB-439 (2018 Mitchell/Lara CHP-1006) Established age 12 as the minimum age for youth in the juvenile justice system.


SB-1050 (2018 Lara/Mitchell CHP-979) Requires CDCR to provide assistance with transitional services to a person who is exonerated while serving a state prison sentence.


SB-1391 (2018 Lara/Mitchell CHP-1012) Prohibits the court from trying youth aged 14 or 15 years old as adults.


SB-1393 (2018 Mitchell/Lara CHP-1013) Provides judicial discretion to strike a five-year sentence enhancement for each prior serious felony conviction when convicted of a serious felony.


SB-36 (2019 Hertzberg/Mitchell CHP-589) Follow up on Bail Reform (SB 10) - established risk assessment tools for county guidance. 


SB-716 (2019 CHP-857) Required youth detained in county probation departments as well as DJJ have access to court schools.


AB 1869 (PASSED THROUGH THE BUDGET 2020) Families Over Fees Act Reduces recidivism by eliminating criminal, administrative fees.


Business, Professions, Labor, and Education

AB-735 (2011 CHP-464) Provided priority to foster youth seeking Student Assistant/Intern positions in state service.


AB-835 (2011 CHP-224) Authorized community college districts to enroll high school non-resident pupils in district developed and implemented programs.


AB-278 (2012 Eng/Mitchell CHP-86) In response to the mortgage crisis during the Great Recession,  this bill improved the non-judicial foreclosure process in order to protect homeowners facing foreclosure.


AB-389 (2012 CHP-75) Established requirements for providers of blood clotting products for home use to treat hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.


AB-1533 (2012 CHP-109) Authorized a clinical instruction pilot program for certain bilingual international medical graduates to UCLA.


AB-1899 (2012 CHP-509) Established a technical fix to ensure crime victim survivors can continue their education uninterrupted.


AB-2348 (2012 CHP-460) Addressed limited access to adequate reproductive healthcare by authorizing RN’s to dispense birth control.


SB-1343 (2018 CHP-956) Ensured that all employees know their rights by expanding workplace sexual harassment training to all employees.


SB-188 (2019 CHP-58) CROWN Act Prohibited school and workplace discrimination of hairstyle by establishing that hair texture is an inherent quality of race.



AB-1585 (2012 Pérez/Mitchell) In response to the Great Recession and failing infrastructure, this bill re-appropriated $50 million of Proposition 1C bond funds ($2.5B Housing and Emergency Shelter Trust Fund Act of 2006) to the Infill Infrastructure Grant Program and the Transit-Oriented Development Program.


SB-655 (2015 CHP-720) Eliminated unhealthy housing conditions by adding visible mold growth to a list of substandard housing conditions.


SB-1380 (2016 CHP-847) Created a best practice guideline by defining and establishing “Housing First” regulations and the Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council to prevent and end homelessness in California.


SB-329 (2019 CHP-600) Ensured all housing voucher recipients have an equal opportunity for affordable housing by adding vouchers to the list of protected income sources in the CA Fair Employment and Housing Act.


Environmental Quality

SB-647 (2019 CHP-379) Aligned California’s jewelry law with modern best practice by updating provisions relating to lead and cadmium standards for children and adult jewelry.


Veterans Affairs

AB-2548 (2012 CHP-205) Specified that a member on the California Veterans Board must have experience in the issues of female veterans.