Invisible People: Awaiting Final Decision on California’s Groundbreaking Street Medicine Bill

"As you know, issues with homelessness don’t stop at borders. You know? They don’t stop at street signs or street lights. They don’t stop at city borderlines or even county borderlines. And so, we have a responsibility, I believe, to look at this issue holistically and figure out ways that we can chunk out the problems in order to come up with solutions. It has been exacerbated over a number of years because folks have kicked the can down the road. And we are at the end of the road.

"I am the author of AB-369. I’m a proud author of this bill, and I’m hopeful that the governor will sign it, and it will go into effect next year. And this will be another important tool in our toolbox with regards to how we are able to support folks who are unhoused and, at least, to make sure that they have access to healthcare."

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