KPFA Upfront: Senator Kamlager on the Passage of the CRISES Act

"This has been a work of love by so many folks who are part of a coalition to get a AB 118 signed into law, which would allow the state to fund community-based organizations who have the trust and credibility to respond to 911 calls, so that law enforcement doesn't have to. We know that 70% of the calls that come in to do 911 dispatchers are non-criminal, non-legal, non-lethal and not illegal in nature. And we also know that we have seen an uptick in police involved shootings, and in responses to those 911 calls that lead folks [to be] arrested when they shouldn't be charged, when they shouldn't be dead, when they shouldn't be traumatized, when they don't need to be. Now this is an alternative to how we have been solving these types of issues in the past."

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