SF Chronicle: Rolling back the grand jury process for police cases makes sense

February 25, 2015

National protests against police brutality following the non-indictments of police officers after fatal encounters with unarmed men in Ferguson, Mo., and New York City continue to reverberate in many different ways. In California, the Legislature will soon consider SB227, a bill that would eliminate the use of criminal grand juries in cases of officer-involved shootings or excessive force by police officers that lead to the death of suspects.

SB227 is authored by state Sen. Holly Mitchell, D-Los Angeles. Mitchell says she’s concerned about how the secrecy of the grand jury process can fuel community distrust of law enforcement.

Source: http://www.sfchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Rolling-back-the-grand-jury-process-for-police-6099456.php?t=ac8b729044&cmpid=email-premium