March 2017 Newsletter

March 10, 2017

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Chairing the Senate Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review

As chair of the Senate Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review, I convened four hearings over the past month. During these hearings, my colleagues and I considered important issues ranging from potential revenues and regulations for California's marijuana industry, to cost-saving innovations at the State Department of Corrections. These hearings shed light on the work ahead of us this year.

Hearing Department of Corrections

Hearing on the State Department of Corrections (2/3/17)

Celebrating Black History Month

On February 17th, the State Capitol celebrated Black History Month. The California Legislative Black Caucus gathered current and former members to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the caucus serving the people of California. I was proud to stand with trailblazers such as former Assembly Speakers Willie Brown and Karen Bass, Rep. Barbara Lee and Ambassador Diane Watson.

Black History Month Celebration

Recognizing USC student athletes and Rose Bowl Champions

On February 6, we were joined on the Senate Floor by Leon McQuay, Deontay Burnett and Chris Hawkins, student-athletes at the University of Southern California in District 30. I was delighted to introduce these young men, victors in the 2017 Rose Bowl.

USC Football Team

Media Mentions

Profile in the LA Times

Holly Mitchell, the Legislature's "moral compass," becomes Senate Budget Committee Chair.
"Her goal as a legislator has been 'to have the tenacity to keep at it,' Mitchell said just before being tapped for the high-profile post. 'To stand my ground and not allow negotiation or compromise to water down the policies I'm putting forward."

Read more here:  February 28: LA Times

20-minute reaction to Trump's address to Congress

In the wake of the President's first address to a joint session of Congress, Sen. Mitchell made several observations about the "disturbing" potential impacts of federal cuts on state programs.

Hear Holly's comments by clicking here.