May 2017 E-Newsletter: Today’s the day – first glimpse at proposed budget, and more.

May 11, 2017

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Dear Neighbors,

One of the most important roles your elected public servants do in Sacramento each year is adopt California's multi-billion dollar budget. As the new chair of the Senate Budget Committee, I will be overseeing this process over the next few critical weeks.

Beginning today, May 11, the governor releases his revised budget revenue estimates and additional changes to his budget plan for fiscal year 2017-2018; to view the May Revision, visit the Department of Finance at I am also chairing this year's Budget Conference Committee, which consists of representatives from both houses and both parties. It is here where we work out our differences in budget actions taken by our respective budget committees to adopt one budget proposal for the Legislature to pass by June 15th. Agendas for the hearings can be found at

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Below is a sampling of news and information I and my staff have been doing on your behalf.

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Great things happen when civic engagement gathers at Sen. Holly J. Mitchell's District Office

Our recent open house was an informal gathering to engage with constituents - and a perfect opportunity to meet with my staff and I as we continue to serve you. I look forward to hosting similar events later this year.

With SEIU 2015 members who stopped by to say hello. It's always great to reconnect with my SEIU friends. With SEIU 2015 members who stopped by to say hello. It's always great to reconnect with my SEIU friends.
From left to right, photo 1: With SEIU 2015 members who stopped by to say hello. It's always great to reconnect with my SEIU friends. Photo 2: Meet 8-year-old Aiden, my youngest constituent for the day. He told me he wants to someday run for President. Aiden, you've got my endorsement! Photo 3: I'm always fired up and ready to fight for women's rights. Thanks for Planned Parenthood CEO Sue Dunlap and Senior Public Affairs Specialist Claudia Powell for stopping by to show me some good knockout moves.


Standing together to #EndChildPovertyCA

I was proud to link arms in solidarity in South L.A. at the Daughters of Charity GRACE Rally to End Childhood Poverty. From left, me, Rep. Barbara Lee; Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis; Rep. Karen Bass, U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi; GRACE's CEO Conway Collis and emcee Dominique DiPrima. Also joining us was civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis of Georgia

With help from friends, 40 high school girls had the opportunity to learn about technical careers at LAX

We closed out the 2016-17 academic year at the Los Angeles World Airports with the Girls Academic Leadership Academy. It was our first cohort of young women in the "Empowering Leadership through S.T.E.A.M." program, an education initiative through my Women's Institute for Girls. Special thanks to LAX Community Relations Division for hosting WIG and GALA. 

Top photo: Boarding the bus for the tour. Bottom left: Listening to pilot Stacey Banks' moving story...from childhood to flying around the world. Right: Sgt. Karla Ortiz, guest speaker; Allyson Lavalais, LAX Community Relations Division; Banks; Joy Masha, Field Deputy; Debbie Bowers, deputy executive director; and Sonia Lopez, Field Deputy.  

Goodbye interns

Constituents may have noticed that we had some extra help in the District Office this spring, demonstrating community engagement at its finest. Farewell and thank you to our Spring 2017 interns for all their hard work. From left, Alysa J. Kammermeyer, Meredith Leon and Zoe Ash.

Media Mentions

WAVE NEWSPAPERS - In the language of my community, riots mean one thing, as rebellion means something else. Let us agree to call what happened in South Los Angeles 25 years ago a rebellion, which is defined as a reaction against an injustice. As TV news cameras captured the rebellion that greeted a jury's decision in faraway Simi Valley to exonerate the four LAPD officers who beat Rodney King, one image seared into my brain that will never leave me: Mothers running out of Fedco with packages of diapers and baby formula. Read the full story here: April 27, 2017: WAVE NEWSPAPERS - Lack of basic necessities drove rebellion

LOS ANGELES TIMES - A sweeping measure that would establish government-run universal healthcare in California cleared its first legislative hurdle Wednesday as scores of supporters crammed into the Capitol to advocate for a single-payer system Read the full story here: April 27, 2017: LOS ANGELES TIMES - California single-payer healthcare bill passes first committee test

SACRAMENTO BEE EDITORIAL ON SB 190 BY SEN. HOLLY J. MITCHELL - Sacramento County supervisors quietly took a significant step toward fairer justice this week by voting to stop charging fees to families of juvenile offenders. Read the full editorial here: April 13, 2017: SACRAMENTO BEE EDITORIAL (ON SB 190) - Why bill parents for locking up their kids?

Holly J. Mitchell

State Senator