May 22, 2017 E-Newsletter: Do you know a ‘fixer-upper’ school?

May 22, 2017

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Dear Neighbors,

Do you know of a deserving local school or non-profit that is in need of a makeover? If so, you have until July 1, 2017 to nominate beneficiaries for a Day of Volunteerism where civic-minded residents spend a day cleaning, painting, repairing old electrical wires and general freshening.

All you have to do is provide the following to my District Director at

  • The name of the organization and address.
  • What is needed and why you are nominating this organization.
  • The nominating person's contact information.

Again, the deadline to submit this information is July 1, 2017. The actual Day of Volunteerism will take place on a weekend in November, so stay tuned for details.

Thanks for caring!


Holly J. Mitchell
State Senator


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