June 2017 E-Newsletter - Senate approves Sen. Mitchell's #EquityAndJustice Package

June 14, 2017

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Dear Neighbors,

Good news! The Senate approved a package of criminal justice-reform bills that promise sweeping improvements on how youths and young adults are treated under California law. Known as the #EquityAndJustice package and jointly authored with Sen. Ricardo Lara, the future of these much-needed reforms now rests with the Assembly.

For more on #EquityAndJustice, including my Op-Ed that ran this week in several Southern California News Group newspapers, as well as other news from Sacramento and Los Angeles, please check out the items below.



Prison Fence Wire
Senate approves complete #EquityAndJustice package of criminal justice-reform bills
The California Senate has approved the last in a package of criminal justice-reform bills seeking to improve public safety, save taxpayers money and put greater emphasis on prevention, rehabilitation and maintaining family cohesion. Read more



Holly Mitchell on screen
Photo by Ray Sotero

Students hear keynote address at Kaiser Hippocrates Ceremony
Being the new chair of the Senate Budget Committee comes with the many responsibilities - and opportunities. To be part of shaping a California where residents can equally access resources, help their families thrive and then return that investment to their communities is my goal. Often, this requires being in two places at once. Or does it? Last Saturday a budget hearing forced me to miss being presenting a keynote speech to a group of Los Angeles-area students considering careers in the medical field. With the help of staff, I recorded remarks urging middle school students stretch their minds and follow their dreams. I'm sorry I was unable to hear their responses, but am hoping at least some listeners found the remarks inspiring. Watch, listen to my remarks


Small Business Awards
Photo by Jorge Barajas

'Underground Museum' in Los Angeles honored as Small Business of the Year
It was with great pleasure that we honored Karon Davis, the founder of The Underground Museum of Los Angeles, and Megan Steinman, the UM's director, with the Small Business-of-the-Year Award for Senate District 30. This civic-minded duo provides an invaluable asset to the community. Yes, their museum provides free art shows in a working-class neighborhood. Yes, they are an inspiration to the 'underground' arts scene. And, yes, they clearly believe in art for everyone. More importantly, their efforts to provide access to cultural enrichment that would otherwise not be enjoyed, emulated and built on in the Arlington Heights neighborhood, an enrichment that helps to spark thoughtful and creative minds to thrive.



Actors Gang Graphic

Grants 'ganging up' on local Actors' Gang
The Actors' Gang, a not-for-profit theatre company located in District 30, is the proud recipient of Artists in Schools grant from the California Arts Council for 2016-2017. The Actors' Gang, co-founded by actor Tim Robbins, enriches the community and helps the public understand social issues through their productions and student engagement programs. Their integrated theatre arts program, located in continuation high schools in Los Angeles, connects artistic work to the lives of young people and empowers students by providing a space for community building, creativity and self-expression. Well done!


Mitchell Keynote Address

Photo by Charles Stewart

An estimated 700 attendees gather for keynote address
Policymakers, community organizers and constituents of mostly women representing entertainment, environment and related policy interests gathered to hear my thoughts on the Trump Administration's war on women, immigrants, minorities and the poor. The occasion for my keynote address to the Women for a New Los Angeles was the 25th anniversary of the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, which the New York Times described as one of the nation's leading advocacy groups for low-wage workers. Fact is, we can't risk going back to an America that was great only for a few. I'm with LAANE and I am not turning back.




Many of our criminal laws are stuck in the past when it comes to children. It's time for those laws to grow up. Read the full Op-Ed by me and Sen. Lara here:
June 6, 2017: LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS OP-ED - Let's change old laws that harm young Californians: Ricardo Lara and Holly Mitchell

California's Legislature has proposed making more low-income families eligible for subsidized child care.Read the full story here:
June 2, 2017: LOS ANGELES TIMES - Child care credit, which fell behind inflation, may get boost from California Legislature

The state attorney general's office is looking into hundreds of dubious arrests at California's shelters for abused and neglected children. Read the full story here:
May 23, 2017: SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE - Chronicle investigation spurs calls to close foster care shelters

Sacramento County supervisors quietly took a significant step toward fairer justice this week by voting to stop charging fees to families of juvenile offenders. Listen to the segment and read a transcript here:
May 17, 2017: CAPITOL PUBLIC RADIO - Advocates Seek First Increase To California After-School Funding In Decade

Holly J. Mitchell
Senator, 30th District