The words school & shooting shouldn’t be next to each other

March 23, 2018
March For Our Lives


Dear Neighbors,

This past week’s shooting in Maryland marks the 17th school shooting we have had this year. Tragedies such as these demonstrate that raising public awareness about gun violence, creating more civically minded students and supporting fellow students at this Saturday’s March For Our Lives event at Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles is more critical now than ever.

Expressing civic activism and encouraging young minds to voice their opinions on important issues is fundamental to the future of our democracy, as is a citizenry that is well informed, thoughtful and engaged in critical thinking.

The words school and shooting should not be next to each other. As a mother of a teenage son, and a statewide policymaker, I encourage you to please make yourselves heard. It is imperative to stay civically engaged and advocate for our communities. We must remember that it truly is the people who have the power to bring about change.

I hope we continue to support each other and demonstrate what makes California golden.

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Holly J. Mitchell
Senator, 30th District