#EquityAndJustice marches on! Plus Obama Blvd, a Sparks Christmas & MORE

September 12, 2018

Dear Neighbors,

As you may have heard, much of my agenda is part of the second year of an #EquityAndJustice package jointly authored with Sen. Ricardo Lara. Collectively, these measures emphasize needed changes to how California’s juvenile and criminal justice systems treat youth and young adults.

Good news! A majority of California lawmakers voted to protect children and reform our juvenile and criminal justice systems by sending to the governor my bills to put greater emphasis on prevention, rehabilitation and maintaining family cohesion.

Additional bills sent to the Governor’s desk include expanding worker training to prevent sexual harassment and providing women potentially life-saving information about their health. 

For a summary of my legislative package that I hope will be signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown before his September 30th deadline, click HERE:

Hundreds enjoy Sparks, food and fun during Christmas in July

They arrived not sure what to expect - beyond knowing that it was my 8th Annual Christmas in July for working families.

Hours later, the hundreds of students and family members left, exhausted, after having personally high-fived members of the WNBA Sparks, enjoyed donated tickets, meals and treats. The thunder sticks they shook reverberated Staples Center.

As an additional bonus, we participated in the WNBA’s #WeAreWomen empowerment campaign to help break down the many barriers women face professionally on the court and in the office, as well as personally out in the community.

Along the way, the students and families fell sway to my underlying plan: Engage in mental and physical activities during summer break. Why? Because being active is as important as being relaxed. To see this on video, click HERE:

Thanks also to Painters and Allied Trades International Union DC 36, SEIU, the WNBA Sparks, State Farm, Warner Brothers, USC, Community Partners and Kaiser Permanente.

Los Angeles’ newest intersection of race and history

Coming soon is the intersection of Martin Luther King, Jr., Boulevard and Obama Boulevard, formerly Rodeo Road, thanks to recent actions by city officials. I look forward to standing at this intersection and raising my fist in cultural pride. HERE:

Coffee with Holly

Curtis Yun of Faith and Community Empowerment, Antjuane Sims of Hydro Convergent Technologies, Inc. and Keith Jeffreys of United States Veterans’ Artist Alliance are shown exchanging  viewpoints during my recent Coffee with Holly event at the Hillcrest Country Club. It is connections like these that help me stay in touch with you!

Senate District 30 has got talent!

Congratulations to constituent Sue Fink, conductor of the Angel City Chorale, on making America’s Got Talent semifinals! Her message is an inspiring one: “Bring together people of diverse backgrounds and build community.” Good luck. Watch a highlight of the awe-inspiring performance by her 160-member HERE:

A behind-the-scenes look at life inside California’s Capitol

Giving back to the community and hoping to inspire others were among my goals as I spoke to students enrolled in the UC Davis Black Studies program. Seated on the Senate Floor, the students listened as I talked about how a diverse Legislature helps provide the multiple perspectives and insights needed to help all residents thrive. (Photo by Tracey Hurd-Parker).

For more information, visit my website HERE or at the address below.


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Holly J. Mitchell
Senator, 30th District