Budget Subcommittee 1 Votes to Restore Cut to In-Home Services

April 11, 2012

SACRAMENTO – In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) recipients and their caregivers spoke movingly today to lawmakers of how often the program is all that stands between lives lived at home in familiar communities – and stark institutionalization. After hearing the testimony and weighing the fiscal, legal and human impacts, the Budget Subcommittee on Health and Human Services voted, in accord with the recommendation of its chair, Holly Mitchell (D-Los Angeles), to spare the program from a cut to key services.

The state's budget is a value statement, said Mitchell. I'm not okay with acting in a way which tells the most vulnerable among us, ‘You aren't valued.'

IHSS helps low-income seniors and people with disabilities live safely in their own homes by paying for assistance with living essentials, preventing more costly out-of-home care. The Administration proposes to eliminate domestic and related services – for those living with others – which include housework, shopping, and meal preparation. This proposal would affect about 254,000 IHSS recipients, including 101,170 in Los Angeles County.

Deep cuts to programs serving medically fragile Californians serve no one's best interests – neither those who want and can live in their own homes with assistance, nor family members unable to meet all of a relative's needs, nor taxpayers on whom the burden too often falls when a person's board and care are provided entirely in a professional facility.

As legislators we have a responsibility to pass an on-time budget that has real balance and treats the poor and children as priorities, said Mitchell.

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