Governor signs AB 389 for handling of blood products

July 11, 2012

AB 389, which sets standards for delivery of blood clotting products and related equipment for home use by people with bleeding disorders, has been signed by the Governor. The bill was adopted by the Legislature on a bipartisan vote in June and becomes effective January 1st.

People who rely on pharmacies to deliver blood products needed to prevent hemorrhages have been at the mercy of for-profits for the quality and condition of the products they receive, said Assemblywoman Holly Mitchell, Chair of the Assembly Budget Subcommittee on Health and Human Services. Spoilage and contamination are preventable by setting minimal handling standards, a fact I'm pleased the Governor recognized.

Lack of legal handling standards has resulted in some patients with hemophilia and other diseases encountering difficulties in receiving life-saving blood products.  For example, clotting factor has been left on patients' porches, resulting in spoilage due to the heat.

Blood clotting factor is a life-saving but fragile compound that must remain fresh and un-contaminated to benefit those who need it, said Assemblywoman Mitchell. Yet California had no standards in place to protect hemophilia patients whose private insurers, unlike Medi-Cal, don't contract with the state for handling of blood products.

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