Holly Mitchell Appointed to Senate’s Rules and Budget Committees

January 30, 2014

Sacramento – Holly J. Mitchell (D-Los Angeles) has been appointed to the Rules Committee of the California Senate on the nomination of Senate President pro tem Darrell Steinberg. The Rules Committee is the managing body of the State Senate, responsible for appointments to all other Senate committees and state commissions, and for assignment of legislation to committees for action. Considered a leadership position in the Legislature’s upper chamber, members of the Rules Committee initiate and review nominations for a wide range of executive and advisory boards exercising statutory functions in the execution of state laws and policies.

“Rules is where oversight and appointments for many state operations begins,” noted Mitchell, who joined the Senate in September following a special election to complete the unexpired term of former Senator Curren Price representing the 26th District. “Making sure that California’s full diversity in culture and experience is reflected in government practice is a charge of the Rules Committee that I take seriously and welcome. I’m grateful that President pro tem Steinberg and my new colleagues in the Senate have entrusted me with this important opportunity to serve.”  

Senator Mitchell has also been appointed to the Budget, Insurance and Public Safety Committees. She brings to each of these assignments the experience of having served on their counterparts in the Assembly, of which she was a member for three years. Budget is one of the Senate’s two fiscal committees (the other being Appropriations), one of which must approve every proposed bill that has a significant price tag before it can become law.

“The budget is where California acts on its stated values, putting our money where our mouth is,” Mitchell commented. In the Assembly, she chaired the Budget subcommittee which oversees health and human services expenditures. She successfully pushed, along with colleagues, to increase CalWORKs grants by five percent last year when the budget’s surplus showed the state could afford to reverse past cuts which had added to the roll of families living in deep poverty. “I’m a numbers cruncher with a family-services background, so I’ll be looking for every chance to shore up the safety net by moving resources where they are most needed and best used.”

“When we re-aligned Corrections to cut a prison population the courts said the state wasn’t adequately serving, I was concerned that the counties would be overwhelmed,” Mitchell went on to say. “On Public Safety I can raise questions about disciplinary and rehabilitation practices.”

Mitchell also chairs the Legislative Black Caucus and belongs to the Women’s Legislative Caucus.