Senator Mitchell’s SB 1132 Pushes Fracking Moratorium to Senate Floor

May 31, 2014

Senator Holly J. Mitchell (D-Los Angeles) appreciates the effort of supporters to pass SB 1132 and is proud of the bill's successful journey in raising awareness around public safety, fossil fuels and environmental justice.  Although the bill fell short of passage, she is confident that the movement to re-assess fracking, acidization and other oil stimulation methods will continue to grow until the public’s concerns are thoroughly addressed.

“Last year our efforts to enact a moratorium got as far as an Assembly committee, and this year to the floor of the Senate,” noted Senator Mitchell, who carried a similar bill, AB 1323, while serving in the Assembly. “We have the momentum, this issue’s gone viral nationally, and it’s just a matter of time before the dangers of fracking prompt people to put it on pause until its safety can be established.”

“When the impacts on the public of a for-profit endeavor are unknown, we try it out first in minority neighborhoods – assuming low vigilance and the need to bring in jobs makes safety irrelevant,” said the Senator. “But we’ve put big industry on notice: That ploy won’t fly forever. People’s neighborhoods aren’t fodder for fracking, environmental justice must come, and one day soon the vote to refrain from polluting for profit will prevail!”