Sen. Mitchell says, “Today we make progress toward ending poverty!”

June 16, 2015

Senate Budget bill adds funds for education healthcare, childcare, scholarships  

On the day of California’s constitutional deadline to adopt a budget, the Senate included recommendations from Budget Health and Human Services Subcommittee Chair Senator Holly J. Mitchell (SD 30 – Los Angeles) to increase funding for services for families living in poverty.

“Today we found common ground, making significant progress toward eliminating the deep poverty which holds hostage too many of California’s children,” said Senator Mitchell, whose South Los Angeles district includes a disproportionately high number of black and brown families living on incomes below the federal poverty line. “I believe that we can end poverty in this state within a decade. This begins our march toward that goal.”

Senator Mitchell pushed for increased spending for services that target those most in need. Her efforts and those of others have shaped a budget that includes new funding for childcare, educational programs, green space (via the Baldwin Hills Conservancy education in minority communities and for over-burdened hospitals in the Los Angeles area. 

Specifically, the state budget allocates new targeted funding, including:

  •  Additional slots for pre-school children  $1,973,000
  • California African American Museum  $2,579,000
  • California Science Center in Los Angeles  $16,062,000

“So long as there are children in California who live in want, who grow up with too little hope and whose families face too many obstacles, the task before us remains clear and demanding,” said Senator Mitchell. “I will continue to seek the support of my colleagues and our Governor for stronger investments in working families.”

The Senate and Assembly versions go next to a reconciling conference committee, before being negotiated with Gov. Brown, who must sign into law the final version by June 30th.