LAO says more revenue available: Let’s help those living on least first

November 25, 2015

The LAO Fiscal Outlook released November 18 contains hope. Their main scenario indicates $2 Billion is available for additional investment after meeting reserve requirements . The misery caused by our lack of investment is masked in this report  but is crystal clear in my District and across California. 

 Over my entire career and  five years in the Legislature I have focused on the most vulnerable, those in deepest poverty,  and  those living with disabilities , and I have believed that good government policies can make an impact on the well-being of  individuals, communities and the state of California. My first priority is repeal of the Maximum Family Grant which endangers the health and well being of babies born into poverty, while deliberately limiting the reproductive choices and violating the privacy of poor women. 40,000 children on CalWORKs in L.A. alone are in deeper poverty because they were born at the “wrong” time.

Leadership is needed which embraces the proposition that we begin the rescue of families from want by committing to leave fewer of California’s children in poverty – and doing what we must to make that happen. So long as there are children in California whose basic needs go unmet, who grow up with too little hope and whose families face too many obstacles, the task before us remains clear and demanding. Our future is based on nurturing our children, families and communities not our financial reserves.