May 4, 2017: Sen. Holly J. Mitchell responds to today's Congressional vote on ACA and cuts to Planned Parenthood

May 04, 2017

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Sen. Holly J. Mitchell responds to Congressional vote on ACA and cuts to Planned Parenthood

SACRAMENTO – Sen. Holly J. Mitchell, chair of the Senate Budget Committee, had the following reaction on the passage of the federal legislation known as the American Health Care Act through the House of Representatives today:

“The entire infrastructure of our health delivery systems as we know it would be compromised by the decision made in Washington, D.C. today,” Mitchell said. “Make no mistake that this bill will negatively impact community clinics, Medicare providers and teaching and DSH hospitals. Ultimately it will harm our low-income communities, veterans and children. 

“Furthermore, it inexplicable attacks the lifesaving treatments provided by Planned Parenthood.  I’m always amused to think, women don’t get pregnant by ourselves, so I’m not sure why the fellas are so transfixed about women’s reproductive health services. How about you let me, as a woman with a uterus, decide what kind of services I need and should be entitled to.

“The lawmakers supporting this bill will have to justify how this action works to the benefit of our constituents. I know I can’t, nor will I try.”

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Sen. Mitchell is chair of the Senate Budget Committee. A member of the Legislature for more than six years,  she represents nearly 1 million residents of Senate District 30, which includes Culver City and much of Los Angeles. More at


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