May 11, 2017: Here's how new highway spending helps Los Angeles' Senate District 30

May 11, 2017

We have also put together a webpage specific to Senate District 30 that shows how much our cities, county and region would be receiving under the Road & Repair Accountability Act of 2017.

More than half of California's state and local roads are rated in poor condition, require safety improvements, and fail to meet earthquake safety standards. The Road Repair and Accountability Act makes sure that both state and local agencies have the resources they need to ensure California roads and bridges are up to safety standards.

Not only could the new transportation law possibly save your life, it will also improve the quality of your life. Californian’s spend too much time sitting in traffic trying to commute to and from work. The RRAA Act will help fix that by reducing traffic and congestion on our major roads.

And taxpayers can rest assured, the RRAA also includes accountability measures to ensure the funding cannot be spent on anything but transportation.

Access the info HERE