May 30, 2018: Plan to improve foster care placements wins unanimous vote from California Senate

May 30, 2018

Senate approves family-protection bill addressing delays, financial hardships   

SACRAMENTO – In a vote welcomed by families statewide, California Senators today approved a plan to fix unintended delays and financial hardships in a new statewide program for placing individuals with foster caregivers.  

Voting unanimously, lawmakers approved Senate Bill 1083 by Sen. Holly J. Mitchell to help enact policy changes to remove hurdles to timely placements in the Resource Family Approval (RFA) program and create a more unified child-centered family friendly approval process.

SB 1083 by Mitchell, chair of the Senate budget and Fiscal Review Committee, would enact spending policy changes needed to remove hurdles to timely placements.

“This bill is an important step toward fulfilling the intent of RFA by supporting families and making sure that unintentional delays do not result in hardship for children who are recovering from abuse and neglect,” Mitchell said. “This creates a more thorough process for vetting potential family placements, ending the cycle of multi-home placements for youth in foster care and group home care settings.”

Fixing the RFA program will put California on track, improving the lives of foster youth and families, Mitchell said.

SB 1083 now moves to the Assembly; an initial hearing date has not yet been set.  

For more information on SB 1083, visit Sen. Mitchell’s Web site HERE or at the address below.

Sen. Mitchell, D-Los Angeles, is chair of the Senate Budget Committee. A member of the Legislature for more than six years,  she represents nearly 1 million residents of Senate District 30, which includes Culver City and much of Los Angeles. Follow Mitchell on Twitter at @HollyJMitchell. More at

Photo caption: Sen. Mitchell with a family affected by RFA.