July 2, 2018: VIDEO - A military hero wounded in Vietnam will get a home makeover ahead of 4th of July

June 29, 2018

Guest Press Release

Purple heart, humble heart

Los Angeles, CA (6/29/18).- It looked like a movie scene but it was real. Vietnam. An ambush. After serving for six years, it felt like this could really be it; that they might not get through the day alive. It was almost mechanically impossible for Edward Horne’s leg to still keep him standing, considering that enemy fire had broken his tibia and fibula. But it was either getting additional ammunition to save his life and that of his fellow soldiers, or the end. So he felt he had no choice and, despite his wounds, which included shrapnel on his back, the US Army soldier bravely obtained the supplies and delivered them back to win a battle that allowed them to survive. Edward was honorably discharged and received a Purple Heart and a bronze medal.

Fast forward to today. Now it’s Edward who needs a hand. His house, which is his peaceful temple, is in urgent need of repairs worth more than $15,000. This coming Tuesday, one day before Fourth of July, the non-profit Home Strong USA and an army of volunteers, including three agents from State Farm, will get it done for him and his wife Bettie.

Repairs at the Horne’s home began a few days ago and will be completed on Tuesday. They include: AC Inspection/Repair, Replace/Repair Windows, Replace Closet doors, Repair Front Walk, Demo and Haul spa, and Replace exterior vents.

“Thank you for your selfless service, Mr. Horne. I am proud to call you constituent," said Sen. Holly J. Mitchell, D-Los Angeles. "Thank you also to those who helped with the much needed improvements to your home. Few narratives are more inspiring than those of people helping others in need.”

Sonia Lopez, from Senator Mitchell’s office, will be at the event to present a certificate to HomeStrong USA, Edward Horne and State Farm.

“I pride myself in being involved in the community and helping our veterans have a better place, safer place to live, is very important to me,” said Inglewood State Farm agent Florence Harrison. Harrison will help perform the repairs on Tuesday, along with Los Angeles State Farm agent Glenda Greene, Gardena agent Amorjah Nicholas, and Los Angeles agent Eric Hollan.

The mission is part of HomeStrong’s Heroes Home Repair Program, with the support of State Farm. The program is open to honorably discharged veterans or active military homeowners that are low to moderate income households. Mr. Horne was referred to the program by a member of his church who was awarded funds through the program a couple of months ago.

State Farm is proud to participate in these repairs in the spirit of the Neighborhood of Good, where anyone can turn caring into doing and find a place to volunteer nearby.

About HomeStrongUSA

HomeStrong USA is a nonprofit community development organization with a mission to increase the vitality and stability of communities across the nation by promoting successful homeownership through education and counseling, the creation of innovative affordable housing opportunities, and providing resources to local nonprofit counseling agencies. For more information visit www.homestrongusa.org.

PHOTO CAPTION: These are the medals, including the Purple Heart for being wounded in action, Horne was awarded for his service in Vietnam.