Sept. 6, 2018: VIDEO - Watch and listen to Sen. Holly J. Mitchell's 8th-Annual Christmas-in-July event

September 06, 2018

They arrived not sure what to expect – beyond knowing that it Sen. Holly J. Mitchell's 8th Annual Christmas in July for working families.

Hours later, the hundreds of students and family members left, exhausted, after having personally high-fived members of the WNBA Sparks, enjoyed donated tickets, meals and treats. The thunder sticks they shook reverberated Staples Center.

As an additional bonus, we participated in the WNBA’s #WeAreWomen empowerment campaign to help break down the many barriers women face professionally on the court and in the office, as well as personally out in the community.

Along the way, the students and families fell sway to Mitchell’s underlying plan: Engage in mental and physical activities during summer break. Why? Because being active is as important as being relaxed. To see this on video, click HERE:

Thanks also to Painters and Allied Trades International Union DC 36, SEIU, the WNBA Sparks, State Farm, Warner Brothers, USC, Community Partners and Kaiser Permanente.