March 13, 2019: Sen. Holly J. Mitchell issues call to action to address deep child poverty in California

March 13, 2019

Guest Press Release

SACRAMENTO, CA – The Honorable Senator HollyJ. Mitchell, Chair of the Senate Budget and Fiscal
Review Committee, issued a call-to-action today to a broad coalition of human service policy makers and
discusses next steps in transforming the lives of California children.

“Our human capital is the biggest asset we have, and I am clear that investing in our youngest children, with equity as a framework and
empowerment as an end goal, will allow them to thrive,” said Mitchell.

The one-day symposium is sponsored by the Child Support Directors Association with “Building a
Future for Families through Transforming Services” as its theme. Gathering in Sacramento, the
symposium brings together experts from all areas of human services to build bridges of service in
support of California families.

“Addressing the challenges and inequities that exist in the provision of services to diverse communities
is key to reducing child poverty”, said Phyllis Nance, President of the Child Support Directors

California has the highest rate of poverty in the nation. One in five California children are affected.
The Lifting Children and Families out of Poverty Task Force issued a set of comprehensive strategies
addressing deep childhood poverty, which requires policy, funds, and changes in services and service
delivery. Included in the strategies are increases to CalWORKs grants, supportive services to timedout
CalWORKs families, additional child care slots, and prohibition of discrimination against Section
8 tenants to name a few that Legislators like Sen. Mitchell have championed or are currently

California families face certain barriers to success including demographic and socio-economic
conditions and the programs and services supporting families also struggle in these changing times.

Factors such as race, ethnicity and geography for both urban and suburban populations affect not only
the families of California, but the delivery of services as well.

Nance continued, “Putting words into action and creating collaborative partnerships is critical to
ensuring services are delivered effectively.”

The Symposium will also include David Kilgore, Director, California Department of Child Support
Services. Mr. Kilgore will discuss his vision for the future of California’s Child Support Program.
Dr. Mary O’Hara-Devereaux will speak about the changing landscapes of work, family and society
encouraging policy leaders to create information environments to make smarter long-term decisions.
Dr. Heather Hahn a Senior Fellow with the Urban Institute will explore ways to support low-income
families through the application of three core principles of mobility: economic success, power and
autonomy, and being valued in a community.

Ashley L. Anglesey and Sandra Hamameh with the California Workforce Development Board and
Amar Mann with the U.S. Bureau of Statistics will speak about California’s changing workforce. They
will highlight families’ struggles to meet the challenges of the changing workforce.