Assemblymember Mitchell Fights for Five Percent Increase in CalWORKs Grants

June 18, 2013

(Sacramento) -- California State Assemblymember Holly J. Mitchell (D-Los Angeles) made an impassioned plea on the floor of the Assembly on behalf of CalWORKs recipients. As the state budget vote was wrapping up, Assemblymember Mitchell pushed through budget trailer bill AB 85, which will allow a five percent increase in CalWORKs grants so low income parents don't have to quit their jobs or training programs to stay home with their children.

The maximum benefit for which a CalWORKs family can qualify now is $7,600 for up to two years -- less than half of the Federal Poverty Level at $19,000, Assemblymember Mitchell pointed out. Children can't come to school ready to learn when their minimal needs go unmet, and most students in the state's low-performing schools are poor. Poverty is toxic to our kids.

AB 85, part of the Mitchell Plan is aimed at improving the lives and opportunities for California's low income families. Learn more in this Assembly Access Video.