Aug. 31, 2017: Sen. Mitchell has tongue-in-cheek fun with dinosaur bill

August 31, 2017

SACRAMENTO (Aug. 31, 2017) -- Senators today heard and voted on dozens of serious measures but for a few brief minutes Sen. Holly J. Mitchell had fun with a bill carried by Sen. Henry Stern establishing an official state dinosaur. Below is an almost word-for-word record of what she said.

  • Thank you Mr./Madam President,
  • I raise with concerns about choosing the Augustynolophys (AW-gus-TEEN-oh-low-fuss) morrisi as our state dinosaur
  • While I was amused by his ROCK-star status on twitter, I feel that our duck-billed herbivore friend does not fit in with our other state symbols such as the Sabre-Tooth Cat and the California Grizzly
  • As I’m sure you are all well aware – California was believed to be under water during the Cretaceous period and therefore I feel the , a water-lizard, would be more intimidating choice and would better represent our state
  • That being said, I think this bill is DINO-MITE and will foster curiosity for our youth in paleontology and STEM
  • While I think we should TRY-rannosaurus harder to pick a more intimidating selection, I’ll throw you a bone and withdraw my opposition.
  • The Augustynolophys morrisi is a constituent and resides in the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. I’ll pay him a visit to let him know the good news
  • Thank you for indulging me, I know dinosaur puns are Pterrible.