Assemblywoman Holly Mitchell Opposes Blue Shield Rate Hikes

January 06, 2011

Blue Shield's decision to raise rates by an average of 30% is unconscionable, said Assemblymember Holly J. Mitchell, reacting to planned increases announced today, and shows why healthcare reform is needed and why California can't wait for the federal version to solve our problems.

Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones is calling upon the State Legislature to grant him broader authority to prevent the kind of multiple, steep price increases that Anthem Blue Cross sought to impose on consumers last year and that Blue Shield seeks today.

I am inclined to give him the additional tools he needs to protect access to healthcare and prevent more Californians from having to turn to government as the healthcare provider of last resort because they have been priced out of the market.

During these trying economic times, working families and small business need to be able to access critical services that are affordable.

Calls from alarmed constituents began to come into my office immediately upon the release of Blue Shield's announcement.

As a member of the Assembly's Health Committee and as chair of the Budget Sub-committee on Health and Human Services, I am committed to doing what is right to ensure that Californians have access to quality health services that they can afford.

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