Assemblymember Holly Mitchell's ACR 41 to re-name stretch of 405 in memory of CHP Officer Philip Dennis Ortiz passes out of the Assembly

May 20, 2011

Sacramento, CA - ACR 41, which would designate a portion of State Highway Route 405 in Los Angeles County as the CHP Officer Philip Dennis Ortiz Memorial Highway, passed the Assembly on May 19 with bipartisan support.

On June 22, 2010 Officer Ortiz pulled a vehicle over for a carpool violation on the San Diego Freeway in Los Angeles.  While approaching the vehicle, another car driving along the shoulder struck Officer Ortiz and his motorcycle.  Sadly, two weeks later Officer Ortiz passed away at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

It is my honor to carry ACR 41 to create a permanent memorial in recognition of the ultimate sacrifice rendered by CHP Officer Philip Ortiz in the line of duty, said Assemblywoman Holly Mitchell, in whose district the tragic accident occurred. He will be remembered for his professionalism, dedication and loyalty. May this enduring testimonial bring a measure of comfort to his widow and family.

Officer Ortiz served seven years in the Central Los Angeles area.  The remainder of his career was served in West Los Angeles.

Officer Ortiz is survived by his wife, sister, mother and stepfather.

ACR 41 will now move to the Senate for consideration.