Ron Artest as Santa joins Assemblymember Holly Mitchell's 'Xmas-in-July' event

July 08, 2011

The first annual Christmas-in-July will bring children from under-served communities who have demonstrated scholastic improvement during the school year to Kenneth Hahn State Park from 9 am to 3 pm on Saturday, July 9th in the 47th District, for a day of fun, healthy activity, education – and gifts. Los Angeles Lakers star Ron Artest has volunteered to be the event's  Summer Santa.

Christmas-in-July is the first of a series of efforts we're launching to soften the blows families face in providing for their children in these lean times, said Assemblymember Holly Mitchell. Given the massive budget cuts recently approved that will leave unmet needs among so many Californian families, I wanted to send the message that Scrooge hasn't completely taken over Sacramento.

With cutbacks in public services already implemented and more coming, many families are already reeling from unemployment and underemployment, limited resources, rising costs, over-burdened and under-funded schools, and diminishing access to quality child care. Summer can be a time of added stress, when many children have fewer options for summer school, and libraries and parks have shortened hours.

We have to be more creative about helping families survive and helping children thrive, said Assemblymember Mitchell. This is one small way to help fill the gap.

From e-readers to bicycles, backpacks to sports tickets, games to booklets, health screenings to dirt biking, and hula-hoops to rock-climbing, children and their families can choose from a variety of activities and have a chance to obtain valuable prizes. No child will leave empty-handed and all families are welcome! A variety of for-profits and non-profits are contributing funds or prizes for this event.