Senator Holly J. Mitchell dismayed at gun deaths in TX, MN and LA

July 08, 2016


Contact: Charles Stewart
213/745-6656 o 310/251-4567 cell


 “I am utterly dismayed over the race-based killing of law enforcement officers in Dallas on Thursday, and the ongoing homicide of Black men at the hands of law enforcement nationwide.

“Based on what we have learned about these acts of violence so far, they are racist and wrong.

“The steep but steady rise in this infliction of death, bodily harm and assault amounts to a disturbing trend, unique to America, that we can only hope to bring to an end by a frank and open public airing of the causes, policies and mindsets which contribute to it — and an unapologetic resolve to tolerate it no more.

“It is time to declare an end to public acceptance in this nation and its states that we are powerless to reduce access to firearms by those likely to use them illegally.                                              

“We owe it to the families of the dead and wounded, to whom my heart goes out, that we not allow their loss and suffering to be in vain.

"We owe them, ourselves and our future together in this society the commitment to weed out the violence, racism and profiteering which is making murder and mayhem the story of our streets and the fear of our lives.

“From this day forward I pledge as a policymaker that nothing will be more important to me than working with my fellow legislators for safe streets and fair treatment in the street.”

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