June 15, 2017: Senate Leader de León and Budget Chair Mitchell on Passage of 2017-18 State Budget

June 15, 2017

SACRAMENTO – California Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) and Senate Budget Chair Holly Mitchell (D-Los Angeles) released the following statements regarding the Senate’s passage of the 2017-18 state budget.

Learn more about key components of the budget agreement at focus.senate.ca.gov/budget.

Watch entire Floor session HERE:

Senate Leader de León:

“Our budget is balanced and on-time, protecting our state’s fiscal stability and spurring its economic growth.  This is a budget for all Californians with historic investments in education and our state’s transportation infrastructure. I am grateful to Senator Holly Mitchell, whose leadership as Chair of the Senate Budget Committee was critical in getting this budget passed.”

Senator Mitchell:

“This is an example of California continuing to lead in helping to provide health care to all. This budget has something for everybody and provides a balanced perspective to areas important to Californians.”

Creating jobs, making roads safer.

Accelerates $2.8 billion towards improving commutes, fixing roads, strengthening overpasses and bridges, and building mass transit.

Prioritizing Public Education

California’s budget spends a record amount on K-12 schools, raising per pupil spending to over $11,000 – the highest in California history.

Encouraging Graduation from Higher Education

We funded CalGrants and encouraged graduation with $25 million in completion grants at the Community Colleges and $12.5 million in graduation incentives at CSU.

A Real Healthcare Plan

While Congress hides its healthcare repeal, California’s budget directs $546 million towards healthcare access, family planning and care for the developmentally disabled.


Parents shouldn’t have to choose between going to work or taking care of their children. Senate Democrats fought to expand eligibility for childcare programs.

On time. Balanced. Adds to Reserve.

Democrats continue to lead an era of responsible, progressive and stable state budgeting that has grown our state’s economy.

California Values

This budget reflects our values and invests in areas, people and programs that work.