Dec. 20, 2017: MEDIUM.Com - Pending revamp to South LA mall gets mixed reviews from businesses and workers

December 20, 2017

By Jordan Hunter

Driving up to Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, the main landmarks are what you might expect in an average mall: a two story parking structure, a nice-looking movie theatre, and a long building bookended by Sears and Macys.

The plaza has been through a lot since it opened in 1947, including two major renovations in just the last 25 years. Both revamps, however, pale in comparison to the $700 million proposal authorized by the LA city planning commission and expected to be approved by LA city council. That would transform the nondescript mall into a retail mecca.

“People are always a little skeptical of change and they equate that with fear,” said Shoneji Robison, co-owner of Southern Girl Desserts...Read the complete story HERE: