Energy Upgrade California Overview

Energy Upgrade California: Do Your Thing™ for a Cleaner California

In 2015, California once again proved it is a leader in energy efficiency by putting in place trailblazing new clean energy targets. The goal: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels and double statewide energy savings, all by 2030. Ambitious, yes, but California is already a leader in energy conservation. We’re already on track to getting 33% of our electricity from renewable resources by 2030, so we know that achieving these goals is possible if every Californian and small business join the effort and take a stand for the environment and our Golden State.

That’s why the California Public Utilities Commission launched Energy Upgrade California®, a statewide initiative encouraging all Californians and small businesses to join the state’s mission and ensure they have the tools needed to make strides toward a cleaner, healthier, more prosperous state. Supported by local governments, the State of California, non-profits, government agencies, and utility companies, Energy Upgrade California is committed to empowering Californians and small businesses to become champions of energy conservation.

Empowering Californians to do more is what this customer engagement initiative is all about. That’s why Energy Upgrade California is speaking to you and every Californian when they ask you to Do Your Thing™—to help promote energy efficiency across the state through simple, daily life changes: adjusting thermostats, weatherproofing homes, upgrading household appliances, and even washing our clothes on the cold cycle. Energy Upgrade California will not only help the State of California meet its energy goals, it will also help California residents, families, and small businesses save money and help strengthen our state’s economy.

Californians are famous for setting standards and refusing to settle. That’s why we’re leaders in energy conservation. But it’s also why we know that we need to do more if we’re going to reach and exceed our energy goals. It may seem like a daunting task, but it starts with every one of us—and the flip of a light switch or the turn of a dial. For more information on Energy Upgrade California and to join the Do Your Thing™ movement visit