Veterans Resource Center

Welcome to Your Veterans Resource Center!


There are almost 2 million veterans in California. And with the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, that number is increasing dramatically.


Many times, veterans are not aware of the many resources and benefits available to them upon their discharge from service. The California Senate is committed to connecting veterans and their families with these services.  Reaching out to veterans and having them service connected is a top priority for me and my staff. Whether you have been separated from service for many years, or have just recently come home, I invite you to take a look at the resources on this web page or visit one of my district offices. We will help connect you to agencies and organizations that can direct you to the benefits you've earned.


Please start by filling out a Veterans Reintegration Form. Someone from the California Department of Veterans Affairs will contact you.


You can also visit my office. A member of my staff will get you started, and provide you with a copy of the Veterans Resource Book.


I hope you find these resources helpful.


Thank you for your service and sacrifice.


Holly Mitchell
Representing the 30th District