ACA 3 – Involuntary Servitude

The California Constitution prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude “except to punish crime.” ACA 3, the California Abolition Act, would amend the California Constitution to remove such conditional language, abolishing slavery and involuntary servitude without exception.
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AB 118 – CRISES Act: Community Response Initiative to Strengthen Emergency Systems

Establishes the Community Response Initiative to Strengthen Emergency Systems (CRISES) Act pilot program, which will scale up community-based alternatives to police. This legislation is a California Legislative Black Caucus Priority.
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AB 124 – Justice for Survivors

Would create a clear path to request a reduced prison sentence in cases where the defendant’s victimization was a “significant contributing factor” to their criminal behavior. This legislation is a California Legislative Women’s Caucus Priority.
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AB 127 – Arrest Warrants: Declaration of Probable Cause

Amends the California State Penal Code to permit persons other than peace officers to present a probable cause determination to a judge in seeking an arrest warrant in cases when the suspect is a peace officer. The aim is to reduce procedural barriers to police accountability and eliminate one of the barriers for district attorneys in initiating prosecutions against members of law enforcement.
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AB 333 – The STEP Forward Act

Amends the Penal Code section 186.22 to limit gang enhancements to the most serious offenses
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AB 369 – Street Medicine Act: Bringing Care to the Street

Increases access to health and social services for people experiencing homelessness (PEH) by allowing for care to be provided outside the walls of a traditional medical clinic, including through street medicine, shelter-based care, and within transitional housing. Providing direct, comprehensive care to PEH wherever they reside—whether on the street or under a bridge—will improve the health outcomes and lives of California’s homeless population.
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AB 382 – Children First

Will extend authorization for the California Children’s Services Advisory Group (CCS AG), set to expire at the end of this year, until December 31, 2023.
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AB 458 – California Affordable Drug Importation Act

Will increase access to safe, affordable prescription drugs by establishing a state-run program to import wholesale pharmaceuticals from Canada and upon federal approval, from additional countries that meet specified statutory or regulatory standards that are comparable to U.S. standards.
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AB 553 - Pet Insurance

Would require pet insurance policies sold and renewed in California to fully cover spaying and neutering of pets and any veterinary expenses associated with these services. This bill would also require cancellation notices for pet insurance policies to be mailed at least 20 days prior to the cancellation date, or 10 days prior when a policy is cancelled for fraud or non-payment of premium by the policyholder
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AB 609 - The College Athlete Race and Gender Equality Act

AB 609 will ensure racial and gender equity in college sports without eliminating nonrevenue sports by targeting rampant excess expenditures.
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AB 962 - Returnable Beverage Bottles

Will pave the way for returnable beverage bottle systems in California by allowing returnable (“refillable”) bottles to flow through the state’s Beverage Container Recycling Program. Rather than being crushed for recycling, the bottles can be preserved to be washed and refilled by beverage producers - simultaneously creating jobs and reducing waste.
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AB 963 - Baldwin Hills Conservancy Expansion

Expands and protects the Baldwin Hills Conservancy (BHC) to provide additional resources for communities that have faced historic disinvestment.
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SB 642 – Patients Over Profits

Will protect patients’ medical decisions by preventing private equity firms, health care facilities or any other entity that is not licensed to practice medicine from interfering, controlling or otherwise limiting a patient's medical care for non-medical reasons.
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SB 679 – L.A. County Affordable Housing Solutions Agency

SB 679 creates the L.A. County Affordable Housing Solutions Agency: a single affordable housing solutions agency in Los Angeles County with the ability to raise its own public and private revenue to fund systemic solutions to the countywide affordable housing crisis, including 100% affordable housing and renter protection programs.
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