2022 Legislation 

I authored eight bills that Governor Newsom signed into law this past year to improve public safety, support our military veterans, and to make transportation safer for our communities and the environment:

SB 277 – Fireworks: dangerous fireworks: seizure: management: Provides the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection’s (CAL FIRE’s) Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) the authority to manage – instead of only dispose of – illegal fireworks.

SB 950 – Vet Cal Fresh: Requires the State Department of Social Services to submit a request to the United States Department of Agriculture to exclude the basic allowance for housing for members of a uniformed service from countable income in the calculation of CalFresh eligibility.

SB 954 – Operating Engineers Database: Requires the Department of Industrial Relations to establish a database of electronic-Certified Payroll Records that is accessible to both multi-employer Taft-Hartley trust funds (29 U.S.C. Sec. 186(c)(5)) and joint labor-management committees established pursuant to the federal Labor Management Cooperation Act of 1978 (29 U.S.C. Sec. 175a).

SB 984 – CALANGUS – Military Leave: Allows state employees who are members of the National Guard to use military leave if called to active military duty and active emergency military duty for the first thirty calendar days of such active service.

SB 1076 – Lead Paint Conformity: Requires, among other things, the State Department of Public Health, to conform California’s program regulating lead-related construction work to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule.

SB 1111 – Best Safety Act: Requires a person or entity who sells or provides a trash receptacle or storage container that meets certain size criteria to mark the receptacle or container with a reflective marking on each side to improve nighttime visibility, enabling more reaction time and safer roads for drivers and cyclists at night.

SB 1291 – Hydrogen Permitting: Requires local governments to expand their existing administrative approval process for the permitting of zero-emission vehicle infrastructure to include hydrogen-fueling infrastructure and allows for denials of those permits based only on health or safety impacts.

SB 1428 – Board of Psychology Tech: Creates a new category of registered mental health professional, psychological testing technicians, to meet the growing need for psychological and neuropsychological services while protecting consumers and payers.

2021 Legislation

I am committed to improving the quality of life and public safety of all the communities in my district. I work on bills that deliver something for everyone: funding for organizations that support military veterans, a statewide study on hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle infrastructure to meet our zero emission targets, and safer protocols for waste haulers to reduce accidental fires that cause wildfires and contribute to climate change.

The seven bills I sent to the Governor’s desk in 2021 for his signature were:

SB 244 – Requires Cal Fire in consultation with relevant state agencies, the waste industry, and local governments to develop protocols for the proper management of the disposal of lithium-ion batteries, including safe handling, detection, and the suppression of fires originating from discarded lithium-ion batteries to follow to prevent fiery waste loads from lithium batteries that lead to wildfires.

SB 268 - Authorizes establishment of the Lower San Gabriel River Recreation and Park District and make changes to the initial board of directors for the Lower Los Angeles River Recreation and Park District.

SB 392 - Will improve accessibility to important documents and reduce delivery costs by requiring homeowner associations (HOAs) to communicate with homeowners via email, unless a resident chooses to receive communications via another method, such as traditional mail.

SB 484 – Protects consumers while allowing them to choose a licensed plumbing contractor to conduct a sewer lateral inspection and make any needed repairs, even if the plumber’s company has performed a home inspection on the same property.

SB 614 – Makes necessary revisions to ensure the CA Military Department Foundation (CMDF) can expend donated funds for Servicemembers and supports the CMDF in collaborating with like-minded organizations to ensure that Servicemember needs are met. 

SB 643 – Requires the California Energy Commission, in consultation with the California Air Resources Board and the Public Utilities Commission, to prepare a statewide assessment of the fuel cell electric vehicle fueling infrastructure and fuel production needed to support the adoption of zero-emission trucks, buses, and off-road vehicles.

SB 800: Improves oversight of real estate and real estate appraiser professionals, while expediting applications for honorably discharged military service members and military spouses with qualifying education, training or credentialing experience. 

As our communities strive to safely reopen and make the long term planning that is necessary to operate efficiently, I will be there to support them in any way possible. I will be their partner and advocate by continuing to work on common sense legislation. Moreover, I will continue to deliver budget wins to support the immediate and long term funding that our communities rightfully deserve.